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The Radio Rio Quartet

is a group of accomplished and experienced musicians based in Falmouth, Cornwall, who draw inspiration from the finest vintage Brazilian music. Featuring flute or accordion with Latin guitar, upright bass, a variety of Latin percussion and vocals, the Radio Rio quartet turns the dial from the 1930’s, to the 50’s and 60’s to bask in the warmth of some of Brazil’s finest compositions captured here in our short video…

From the Favelas sprawling down the steep hills overlooking the vast city… from the doorways of street corner Bodegas in the downtown Bairros… from the radios of open top cars cruising the glamorous beach fronts of Ipanema and Copacabana, music is the pulse of Rio de Janeiro. It’s as much an integral part of Brazilian life as breathing. The Samba lilt can be heard in the way Cariocas talk, it can be seen in the way they walk, felt in their sheer love of life.

Enjoying a Radio Rio gig is like tuning through the city’s airwaves during the heyday of Brazilian music and the band’s repertoire is as rich and vivid as it is captivating.

Preview audio clips from our 9 track live studio Album (CD), or watch video of us performing.

Radio Rio's CD Album cover

Contact Radio Rio, Falmouth Cornwall, on 07770 918 909 or email: info@radiorio.co.uk

1 Response to Welcome

  1. Brendan McGreal says:

    Looking good, can’t wait to hear you!

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