Audio & Video

Listen to Radio Rio’s Vintage Brazilian sound

Here are some short snippets of tunes and songs from our live studio album, available on CD which include vintage Samba, Bossa Nova and Choro.


Radio Rio live at the Lemonade Factory

Radio Rio's CD Album cover

These jazz-tinged Sambas, Bossas and Choros/Chorinhos, each evoke their own unique feel, transporting you in a way only vintage Brazilian music can.

Each clip is around 40 secs long. Enjoy…

1) Chega de Saudade    (Antônio Carlos Jobim)

2) Meloso   (José Maria de Abreu)

3) Triste   (Antônio Carlos Jobim)

4) Receita de Samba    (Jacob do Bandolim)

5) Carinhoso    (Pixinguinha)

6) Fla Flu    (José Maria de Abreu)

7) Corcovado    (Antônio Carlos Jobim)

8) Favela    (Antônio Carlos Jobim)

9) Tico-Tico no Fuba    (Zequinha Abreu)

Radio Rio - recording studio

Radio Rio’s David Ellis (bass) and Greg Dyer (percussion) setting up for recording with Robin Tyndale-Biscoe

Radio Rio - album recording

Robin (LightVesselMastering) busy with the levels

A compilation of our recent appearance at beautiful Potager garden & restaurant, near Falmouth for a Nepal disaster relief benefit hosted there…

Stay tuned to Radio Rio for more audio and video of our arrangements, performances and more…

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