Radio Rio - Tropical Pressure Acoustic Amphitheatre

Tropical Pressure Acoustic Amphitheatre

Radio Ri - The Golowan Festival Penzance

Golowan Festival Penzance

Radio Rio - park live gig

Playing at Park Live in Falmouth

Radio Rio playing at the Eco Park Latin Night

Photo: Paul Catchpole

Radio Rio - recording studio

Rio Rio’s David Ellis (bass) and Greg Dyer (percussion setting up for recording with Robin Tyndall-Biscoe


portraitRadio Rio, R to L: Lucetta Radcliffe, David Ellis, Greg Dyer & Matt Scott.





Photos by Maribel Ruiz De Erenchun


More photos to follow… stay tuned to Radio Rio.

Contact Radio Rio on 07770 918 909 or email:


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